Oh that "silly" Airhorn. What are we going to do with him?

Airhorn Evil Lean
Some attributes
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated Very Original
Place Unknown
Allies No one
Enemies Everyone
Other attributes
Species Fog Horn
Color Red on top, Gray on bottom!


Airhorn has a typical mean guy personality. He does have some other features to his personality that the world has not seen yet... but since he was the first eliminated, we do not know much about this furry friend. Jk, he's nothing like Mr. Lion. Along with some of the other members of the show, he doesn't have very many friends.

Also, he is a mean guy and like to be evil to blow up the bomb!


Airhorn said the first line EVER in all of Through The Woods history. In the first episode, he kicks Cupcake off a cliff, showing both of their personalities. He needs to sit in the Calm Down Corner, but that does not exist in this object show. Speaking of object shows, I wonder how many there are? I bet there is at least 100. Wait. I'm getting off-topic here. In the second episode of Through The Woods history, he wants to rejoin the origional competiton, but then realizes that then he will have to compete with Bowling Ball. Eww! This annoying creature does not appear in the thrid and fourth episode. I wonder why... Anywayz, he is seen again in episode 5, being his usual self. He becomes the first ever eliminated contest of the newer competition in Episode 6. So "sad". Well, so happy since he got the most votes.