Bowling Ball
Bowling Ball StandingStill
Some attributes
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated Unknown
Place Unknown
Allies Swimmy, Beach Ball
Enemies Gumdrop, Zombeh Beach Ball
Other attributes
Species Bowling Ball
Color Blue
BB -2 Body

Bowling Ball Body

Bowling Ball is a female contestant on the object show, Through the Woods. She is a member on The Transparent Treble Clefs.


Bowling Ball is not your average contestant on TTW. She is bossy, obnoxious, and curious, but is always nice if she gets what she wants. This character hates Airhorn for being mean and Gumdrop for stealing her friend Swimmy, but she likes Marker because she saved her from a crazy dimension in episode 3. She also likes his pet tree named Swimmy, but the genderless tree ran away in Episode 3 inside of the dimension.


In Ketchup's first attempt of his contest, Bowling Ball automatically won because everybody else quit in episodes 1 and 2. Because of that, she was supposed to win a forest, but actually she only won a styrofoam tree that she named Swimmy. In episode 3, she traveled to a crazy dimension with Pear, Swimmy, and Envelope. Bowling Ball ventured off, so Envelope and Pear ditched him and teleported back to their normal grassy world, leaving Bowling Ball and her pet. In this dimension, she teleports to a third dimension without Swimmy and meets Mustard. When she teleports back, Swimmy starts to hop away and Bowling Ball chases the tree untill she is exhausted! Luckily, Marker brings her back and Bowling Ball attempts to make friends. Bowling Ball is briefly seen in episode 4. All she does is ask Pear about what happened. In Episode 5, she is the main singer in his team's song "Scram" and sings with Mr. Lion. Ya.