Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean Smile
Some attributes
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated Active
Place Active
Allies Mr. Lion Bowling Ball
Enemies Airhorn
Other attributes
Species Coffee Bean
Color Brown
 Coffee Bean is one of the recommended characters that debuted into the game... recommended by: KaraidsLair! Go subscribe to KaraidsLair. "CB is beast, nuff said"

Coffie Bean Body

Coffee Bean's Body


Coffee Bean is really really hyper (but not crazy...) and loves to have fun, similar to Beach Ball. Coffee Bean does not really care about winning, but he hopes to make it far and hopes to have alot of fun! FUN FUN FUN! The recommender requested that he would be friends with Bowling Ball and Mr. Lion, but they have no idea who Coffee Bean is!


Along with Tissue Box, Coffee Bean is one of the recommended characters that joins at the end of Episode 7. He makes Trash Can upset by saying that he doesn't care about winning, and meets Beach Ball, Bowling Ball, and Mr. Lion. He has not had a major role in an episode yet... but that is probably because he literally just joined the show.

Original Comment by KaraidsLairEdit

Personality: Hyperactive, doesn't really care about winning. He just wants to have a fun time.