Cupcake Body

Cupcake Body



This is Cupcake's page.


Cupcake is quite a shy litte fella. This contestant is on the Whimsical Washing Machines. Ooh! Fancy! YAY! WOO HOO! PARTY TIME!

-User: SHUT UP!!

Anyway, this female character is shy and is scared of alot. She is very weak compared to the other members of her team. She is bullied around alot by Airhorn and Lemon as well.


In Episode 1, Cupcake is kicked off a cliff by Airhorn! She becomes a team captain, but then quits in episode 2. She has no role in episode 3, but in Episode 4, she is bullied by Lemon this time, but makes a come back. In episode 5, she is scared by Lemon and Airhorn. Shocker. That is it. Ha ha. Also in episode 7 she was bored until she found an intresting shop called Marker-Mart. Then the song called "Marker-Mart" began.

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