Envelope 2
Some attributes
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated Unknown
Place Unknown
Other attributes
Species Envelope
Color White, Red

Envelope is female contestant in the object show, Through the Woods. As a team captain of The Whimsical Washing Machines, she is grossed out by everything.


Envelope. She gets grossed out by almost everything and is a horrible team leader. Nobody really listens to her. At the beginning of Episode 5, she is seen to like Paper Cup, for she picked him to join her team first. But then she discovered that he is just lazy. Envelope does not really have any friends, but she doesn't really care.


In episode 2, she is first shown and is talking to Trash Can and Pear. She calls Trash Can gross, which is not the only time she says "gross." In episode 3, she teleports with Pear, Bowling Ball, and Swimmy to a dimension of stained glass. She calls it gross and then leaves with Pear back home. In episode 5, she becomes the leader of the Whimsical Washing Machines. She tries to get her team to work, but fails, and does not have any song to present. That caused her team to be up for elimination!


  • there is another character named Envelope on super object battle,but has arms with different personality
  • Envelope may be weird, due to the fact she said armless people are stupid, when she is armless.