Lemon is a female contestant in the object show, Through the Woods.

Some attributes
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated Unknown
Place Unknown
Allies Pear
Enemies Cupcake, Trash Can
Other attributes
Species Sour Lemon
Color Yellow


Lemon is not the kindest of the contestants. She is a sourpuss with a lot of sass, but has a soft spot for her fruit buddy Pear. She is seen to absolutely HATE Cupcake.


Lemon is not really focused on this show until episode 4, when she and Pear go to Pineapple's Purple Carnival together. Here she witnesses Pear pop Beach Ball. Before the carnival, she was very sasssy to Cupcake. She also is not focused that much in Episode 5. In Episode 6, she makes a fruit alliance with Pear. WOOT AN ALLIANCE YAY!

Lemon Body

Lemon Body