Missing or Not well known contestants Edit

  • Beach Ball (Died in Ep. 4, returned in Ep. 8)
  • Bowling Pin (Seen walking around and doesn't say anything in Ep. 1, and is never seen again)
  • Keyboard (Music Player from Ep. 8)
  • Swimmy (Gone Missing in Ep. 3, but returned in Ep. 8)
  • Pineapple (Never seen, but mentioned in Ep. 8)
  • Guava (Judge in Ep. 8)
  • Mustard (Ep. 3 and 7)

Beach Ball Edit


Beach Ball was only seen in Episodes 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8. They were mostly minor appearences.

Judging by what he says in Ep. 1, he does not really want to be in a competiton for a forest.

He was seen in a carnival booth with Pear and Lemon. Pear accidentally pops him, resulting in his death ;-;

He made small cameos in episode 6, and 7 at the end, and was breifly mentioned in Ep. 5

Bowling Pin Edit

Only seen in Ep. 1 when he was walking. After that, he was never... seen.... again........................................


The only other times he was seen was in the Episode 1 - 5 intro

We know very little about Bowling Pin...

Pineapple Edit

The main things we know about him is that he hosts a carnival seen in Ep. 4

He was mentioned in Ep. 8.

That's it.

Swimmy Edit

The only one without a face, he was first seen in Ep.2 as Bowling Ball's "prize".

He ran away from Bowling Ball in Ep. 3

He was a judge in Ep. 8

Mustard Edit

He is basically a Yellow Ketchup. We know very little about him, although judging from his voice and actions, he has a pessimistic additude.

He gave bowling ball a tip for getting back to the normal dimension.

The challenge in Ep. 7 was to get mustard out of the dimension.