Originally uploaded on August 17, 2013

This episode is called "Musical Mayhem" because it's musical and I like the show Object Mayhem.


In the opening scene, Cupcake shops in Marker-Mart! Cupcake, Marker, and Bowling Ball all sing "Marker-Mart," wich is a refferints to mario kart wii track "moonview highway" song. the first ever Through The Woods origional song! This song tells the story of Marker telling Cupcake great things about the store, but then Bowling Ball comes in. She is having plumbing problems........... Anyway, she gets some medicine and then Carrot starts to sing. Since he has such an ugly voice, they all boo.

Scram CeremonyEdit

At the second Scram ceremony, Gumdrop sings her "Not Me" song, the last song in the episode. The song tells the story of how many votes her teammates got, and how she KNEW that she would not be eliminated. She was right, because beachball left. Untitled. Goodbye. See ya.


The challenge of this episode was to find Mustard. Bowling Ball traveled into the stained glass dimension and brought back Mustard. Sadly, Mustard was a condiment, so he flew onto Trash Can's mustard magnet from Marker-Mart. Trash Can was trying to pay Envelope back, but ended up winning for himself. He won the two recommended characters onto his team. Yay! They were Tissue Box and Coffee Bean! Those lucky fellows.