Pear Sitting

Pear in his typical pose

"The ground is cozy today."


Pear is a fruit. And guess what... Pear is also a boy! Did you know that? Anyway, Pear likes sitting, and is only seen standing up in episode 4. Pear has no enemies at all! Pear this. Pear that. I keep starting sentences with Pear. Why? I'll use he instead. He is fruit buddies with Lemon. Speaking of Lemon, Lemon plays a big role in Pear's personality. It is because that Pear is a MUCH more tame version of Lemon... sort of like a mix of Beach Ball and Lemon. He focuses on the bright side, but Lemon has him wrapped right around her finger (if she has any). It is pretty hard to see that he acts like her. When ever he is sassy, it isn't focused on the show very much. You need to have a good eye to notice his Lemon traits, but these moments will be explained in the next section. lolzers.


Pear is first seen in episode 2 as one of the contestants who quits. He is also at the end of the episode telling Bowling Ball that he doesn't care about Swimmy. This is where he first acts a bit like Lemon. Next episode, in episode 3, he brings Envelope and Bowling Ball to the parallel universe of stained glass and leaves her there. Again, more Lemon. He is one of the two main characters in the fourth episode. He tells Lemon about the carnival in town. At the carnival, he pops Beach Ball. Yikers! He is not seen in episode 5. In episode 6, he is safe at the elimination. Hurray! He is shown watching Super Potato Hair-Dresser 3 with his teammates. This makes Envelope angry. Grrr! In episode 7, he is also not focised that much. He is just seen sitting and looking around for Mustard with his pal.