The Beginning

The Beginning of TTW was interesting. It was an average dayly doodle that Clumsydog01 and I would look at and most were his. He introduced me to the object world. I watch BFDI and II. He drew similar things of his own and I started suggesting objects like Papercup, Airhorn, and Marker. Other Rejects were Scissors, PaperBall, Scribble, and Other ones. When I saw his first animation I was amazed and look at the program with curiosity. I probably asked too many questions. But now that he has over 60,000 views I just sit and think that one of my friends is popular with comments from carykh and others. The comments show people who are truely into the story of objects that started as little doodle comics. Thank You for the encouragement.

-Sir Ross (Youtube: Tpr0DHGRoss)