Tissue Box

Tissue Box (Fan-Made)

Tissue Box is a recommended character, from AnimationCreated.
Tissue box

Another Fan-Made Pose


Tissue Box has a hard time understanding situations. He is not the smartest of the bunch, but he means well. It takes him a while to comprehend what other objects say, and he doesn't understand it eather. He's not crazy, he's just misunderstood.he is kinda lazy he's also not bright AT ALL.


Tissue Box is one of the two recommended characters that joined the Pieces of Popcorn, along with Coffee Bean. He joins the show in Episode 7. He does not have a major role in this episode, only because the RC's are announced towards the end.

Original Comment by AnimationCreatedEdit

"Name: Tissue Box

Gender: Male

Personality: He is not intelligent. It takes him a while to figure out what's going on. When he is asked a question, he will take a 5 second pause then answer it wrong.

Limbs: He is armless.

Appearance: He is small compared to some other people. (About the size of Gumdrop.) He is also purple with a bubble pattern."


  • A similar character is in inanimate insanity 2, but has the name Tissues.
    • Also, the recommender's show has someone called Tissue Box, but the personalities are completely different.
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