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Warning! Trash Can's page is really gross. Like, totally.

Trash Can
Trash Can 2
Some attributes
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Allies Envelope, Coffee Bean, Tissue Box
Enemies Unknown
Other attributes
Species Trash Can
Color Grey


Trash Can is a strange male character. He loves to show off, but cannot find anybody to show off to. He has alot of random talents, but nobody ever watches him. He is very clumsy and many other objects find him "gross." I wonder how many times an object called him that. Probobly alot. He is currently the only member of the Photocopied Pieces of Popcorn. That means if his team is up for elimination, he will be eliminated! Oh no! Or: "Oh yes!" if you find him gross. Well, he was, until he won the challenge in episode 7 and got Coffee Bean and Tissue Box onto his team.


Trash Can joined the show in episode 2, being introduced with Pear and Envelope. He is called gross by Envelope and Pear, and then checks with Ice Cream. This clumsy creature is not seen in episode 3, but does appear in episode 4. When Lemon and Pear go to the carnival together, they run into Trash Can. He tries to show them a coin trick, but they refuse. In episode 5 he becomes the team leader and only member of the Photocopied Pieces of Popcorn. He has to make up a song, so sings "Its time for elimination. Yeah. Its time to see who's gonna go away from here," with umms and uhs inside between some words. He wins second place.


  • Trash Can was the only member on the Photocopied Pieces of Popcorn, however this changed when Tissue box and Coffee Bean joined in Episode 7.
  • He's only member on popcorn that has arms and legs, despite other members on his team are armless.
Wierd Trash Can