Originally uploaded on July 15, 2013

NOTE: The title of this page [Very Origional] originally was not the title of the episode, because I needed to Lurne Hao Too Cspel. It is actually called: "Very Original".

Well, at least this page's name has been fixed.

Hello. The sixth episode was released, and the first eliminated contestant was revealed! Yikes! It's called: Very Origional, because it totally isn't based off a video game.


The opening wasn't anything special. But it showed Lemon and Pear forming a fruit alliance! There allianceship isn't really seen throughout the episode though...


The first elimination! Woah! For the first elimination, there was a suprisingly high amount of votes: 93! There was no prize at this elimination, and the contestant eliminated was Airhorn. He broke one of the major steps to winning an object show: being nice. He lost his legs and his mouth was covered in Duck Tape! He can easily escape the trap, though. He still has his arms and hands... why doesn't he just rip the tape off?! I mean, he's strong; he can handle the pain.


The Contest was to save Princess Peach (from super mario) from her giant castle. But instead of searching inside the castle, the Treble Clefs and Pieces of Popcorn both used outdoor methods. Mr. Lion hopped up the castle, just like in a super mario bros. game, but Trash Can destroyed him with his giant hammer while Mr. Lion was on it. This made alot of the Mr. Lion h8rs happy, because he was dead. Well, kind of... While the Washing Machines were doing nothing, Cupcake left his team and won the challenge for them. He stole the princess, which caused the Treble Clefs to think that Carrot's awful voice scared it away. "I think your voice scared it away!" was a typical Gumdrop quote. Trash Can made a deal to Envelope that if she helps him win the challenge, he will help her team win the next one. Is there a team alliance going on, or just a quick deal? Hmm... Anywabers, the Pieces of Popcorn got second again, and the Treble Clefs lost. Thanks to Cupcake's smart methods. Who will be the second to leave? Beats me.